The Benefits of a Savings Audit Before a Merger

If your firm is considering a merger, then this is the perfect time to bring in procurement specialists to carry out a savings audit to review both firms’ outgoings and assess where reductions can be made.  The procurement function can be relatively pain-free and usually costs nothing unless savings are made.  Procurement specialists can start […]

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What is Mobile Data Usage?

The majority of mobile phone contracts provide the user with an internet usage allowance.  However, many users struggle to understand how much 500MB or 1GB converts to in real terms and how much data their normal, everyday tasks use. You will find that most activities on modern phones will use up data.  The only exceptions […]

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How to Save Money on Business Travel

Travelling is an intrinsic part of most businesses. Whether you run an online marketing firm or sell electronic goods, a major part of your business will involve meeting clients and travelling on several occasions. Although travelling cannot be avoided when you own a business, there are several simple ways in which costs can be controlled […]

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