Law Firm Procurement

Our procurement specialists work with solicitors’ practices, streamlining procurement processes across multiple UK offices and overseas.

  • Regain control over expenditure
  • Opportunity analysis and cost savings delivered in four weeks
  • Improve your law firms service efficiency

I’ve been extremely pleased with the Procurement Group’s professionalism, accountability, and ongoing commitment to cost reduction… they played a critical role in driving our stationery and printer cartridge costs down…

Gordon Howes, Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP

Benefit from our clients’ combined purchasing power – with no membership fee attached!

Additionally, you can benefit from our partner program, offering your firm an additional revenue stream.

Some clients may not be large enough to be Procurement Group clients in their own right. We can work either under your brand name as a joint venture, or directly with clients on a commission model.

Professional Procurement with a Commercial Focus

The Procurement Group is affiliated to The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply. As such, best-practice methods are applied to simplify procurement processes, obtaining consistent cost reductions, whilst minimising purchasing-related administration costs across your practice.
As practices grow, the reigns slacken on purchasing controls.

  • Different people, across multiple departments and offices are buying
  • Various merchants are providing services
  • Multiple invoices become frequent

Inevitably inefficiencies will surface.

Our teams’ professional approach to procurement provides a strong supporting infrastructure to your practice. The returns for each equity partner are increased, often substantially.

You retain complete control of Procurement Processes

We assist, however you remain in complete control of purchasing decisions. Our procurement specialists help you manage overhead costs effectively.

The Procurement Group successfully analysed costs, identified invoices and produced cost-saving recommendations without bothering our team or interfering in our operations..

Daniel O’Connell, Kerman & Co. LLP

Quality never compromised

To maintain a high level of service to your clients, it’s imperative your suppliers maintain high levels of service to you.

We always ensure our quotes match or better current product specifications, service level agreements, and payment terms

How Our Procurement Consultancy Works

Our procurement services cover all your offices.

  • Our team analyse your overall costs. Any target areas of procurement you have concerns with, let us know and we start there.
  • Our team identifies areas of expenditure for cost reductions.
  • We provide you with our best recommendations – these generally bring cost reductions within four weeks.

Popular Procurement Areas with our Legal Clients

Our legal clients find the following areas beneficial:

See our full list of cost reduction opportunities.

Call 0800 0193 244 to speak to our procurement specialists about how you too can lower your overheads.

What we do?

  • Use your collective buying power of all offices/departments.
  • Negotiate better prices and credit terms.
  • Simplifying processes.

Benefits to your practice

  • Cost reductions.
  • Improved cash flow.
  • Reduced administrative costs – One invoice per supplier detailing all orders from across the practice.
  • Complete purchasing transparency.
  • Your teams’ time is free to focus on clients and revenue producing work

The Procurement Group

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