Retailer Procurement

Our procurement specialists work with multi-channel retailers both national and international to lower the overheads of head offices and local stores. Our solutions bring cost reductions while simplifying processes.

The Procurement Group’s detailed analysis not only highlighted direct savings but also looked at how we managed our procurement across the business…

Paresh Majithia, Timpson Group plc

Professional Procurement with a Focus on Growth

Growth is where it matters in retail. Our procurement experts free up the time of your managers, so they can focus on top line sales, merchandising, and growth margin issues.

We bring your overheads to a bare minimum, helping you keep more profit from every sale generated.

Quality Control Retained

Typically, cost reduction exercises are associated with a quality reduction. We know reliability is critical and we understand risks. Like uncollected waste or PDQ machine problems.

It’s why we only work with approved suppliers.

All recommendations made will always meet your current level of service and quality, quite often exceeding them.

We’re able to use your influence with our suppliers to obtain improved SLAs for you.

Moreover, you retain choice over vendors. It is possible to retain the same service, with the same supplier, only on better terms.

How Our Procurement Consultancy Process Works

Any areas you feel of concern, tell us and we’ll start there. Otherwise, we start with a cost analysis of all expenses. That’s for store overheads and your head office. Based on the cost analysis, we’ll follow up with recommendations. It’s our experience that these generally bring cost reductions within four weeks.

Procurement Areas for Retail Clients

Popular areas of interest for retail clients are:

Data Lines
Landline Rental
Landline Call Charges
Mobile Phones
Waste Disposal

See our full list of cost reduction opportunities for more procurement savings.

How do we do it?

  • Combining your current buying power of all your departments.
  • Negotiating better prices and credit terms.
  • Simplifying processes.

Your direct benefits

  • Fast cost reductions.
  • Better cash flow.
  • Ordering autonomy for different departments (if required).
  • Less admin costs – a single invoice from each supplier that includes orders from all departments.
  • Purchasing transparency – invoices broken down by department.
  • Time for your team to focus where they’re needed most. Meeting customer’s needs.

Talk to Us

It’d be impossible to list every single thing our procurement specialists do to reduce overheads due to each client being unique.

To find out how we can help your retail chain retain more profits, call us on 0800 0193 244.

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