Charity Procurement

Our procurement experts work with NPOs to reduce administration costs, thus increasing funds. We work with charities, religious organisations and other not for profit organisations to increase funds through better procurement.

Norwood is gaining £145,000 extra each year to spend directly on services for client…

Philip Bunt, Norwood

Professional Procurement Offers Funding Protection

We help you pay less for services and supplies, while never compromising quality from any vendor. Our quotes will always match or better current product specifications, Service Level Agreements, and payment terms.

Our approach stretches donations to go further for NPOs.

Every stake-holder expects sound business practices to be applied to charity management and that’s what we bring.

Our experts can scrutinise your overheads and give you well-researched recommendations for consistent cost reductions.

By streamlining processes, back-office admin is brought under control. The result – Your volunteers have more time to devote to your mission.

Funds better spent

We’re affiliated with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. As such, you can be confident in the expertise of our team to deliver positive impacts to your organisation.

Procurement Areas for NPOs

It’s our experience that the following procurement areas are the most beneficial for charity or religious, and other not for profit organisation clients:

Data Lines
Landline Rental
Landline Call Charges
Mobile Phones
Waste Disposal
Electricity and Gas

See our full list of cost reduction opportunities for more procurement savings.

How we work

You always remain in control of purchasing. All decisions on supplier/vendor choice remain in your control. Think of us more as sideline advisors. We align our procurement service to your organisation ensuring best value overall. And we’re sensitive to your religious needs too.

We start where you tell us. Any areas of concern, we address those first. We identify areas for savings; provide recommendations, which generally bring cost reductions within four weeks.

Our Process

  • We combine the buying power of all your sites (e.g. churches in a diocese).
  • We negotiate better prices and credit terms.
  • We simplify processes.

Your results

  • Cost reductions.
  • Improved cash flow.
  • Reduced admin costs – One invoice per supplier detailing all orders from across your organisation.
  • Purchasing transparency – Transaction details of each office/department/site.
  • Your team has more time to focus on missionary work.

To find out how we could help bring cost reductions to your organisation contact our team by telephoning 0800 0193 244.

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