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Procurement Management

As the top procurement management provider in London, we understand the importance of offering our clients a full suite of services when it comes to managing your indirect business costs as part of your very own, bespoke & unique to you, Cost Reduction programme.  

Starting with a thorough understanding & analysis of all your current business costs arrangements, progressing to tendering, contract negotiation, implementation, supplier management and bill validation – our procurement management process will undertake the most detailed & comprehensive analysis of your current arrangements available, providing the basis for a sound Cost Reduction partnership and freeing up you and your teams time to focus on your key business drivers. 

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Cost Reduction & Spend Optimisation

Our goal is to ensure that you get the best “bang for your buck” by utilising the very best procurement management technicques to deliver a Cost Reduction programme for your business costs.

By leveraging our extensive supplier relationships combined with thorough analysis of your current contractual arrangements and ideal operational “wish list” we will ensure that your business costs Cost Reduction project is a success – delivering the very best value for money to your business now, and going forward.

Sustainable, long term, delivered Cost Reduction of your business costs.

Supplier Management

In contract supplier management is an often overlooked part of procurement management & Cost Reduction programmes for business costs in particular.

By viewing all of our relationships as partnerships we ensure that your supply partners are treated fairly and perform to the SLAs that your operations team require.  Throughout the term of our engagement.

Let us use best practice procurement management techniques to manage your business costs suppliers as part of your business costs Cost Reduction programme so that you and your team can focus on the big issues in your business.

What do our clients say?

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    • 85% rate our value proposition as excellent or very good
    • 95% would happily recommend us to other Finance Directors

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Our Testimonials

Procurement Management Blog

UK could do better with broadband speeds

The UK has the 43rd fastest broadband in the world and is 6th out of the 7 G7 countries with only Italy being slower.

That said, Europe is still by far and away the fastest. All 29 countries measured in Western Europe were in the top half of the table, countries in the region taking eight of the top ten spots in the world for internet speed. The regional average speed of 90.56Mbps makes it the fastest of the 13 global regions overall.

The data was derived from over 1.1 billion speed tests taken in the 12 months up to 30 June 2021 and spanning 224 countries.

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Were last winter’s energy margin notices a warning that was ignored?

It’s clear that the signs were there for all to see if a recent article from px Group is to be believed.

They should know as they operate a number of assets that feed in to the National Grid and claim that there were no fewer than 6 margin calls from National Grid – times when forecasted half hourly supply will not meet forecasted demand – in the winter of 20/21 vs 2 total in the whole period from 2011-2019!

Sure, we’ve been caught in a perfect storm now as i) the weather has meant a lack of wind supply at the same time as ii) Asia has increased it’s requirement for gas while emerging from the pandemic and iii) UK gas storage is at an all time low.

That said these issues haven’t suddenly occurred. They’ve been creeping us on for months if not years so were the warning signs there and was it possible for producers & providers to have taken action sooner?

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The three of us need to talk; What Ofgem has not told you about British Gas’ fine.

Reading time: 4 mins
Outcome: cheaper, more accurate bills  

£4.5m. Could your business deal with that fine?

The Low Down
Last month British Gas Business agreed were penalised £4.5 million for failing to deliver smart meters to their large business customers. I could tell you the differences between meters and about the art meters have inspired. However, worrying about that kind of information is only necessary for my team at The Procurement Group and me. Although, we do not focus on art! Plus, I promised I would keep the reading time to 4 minutes.

What does the penalty mean for your business?
Now to the juicy parts. Ofgem did not tell you what we often forget about our providers. Instead, we think about the huge bills our suppliers just sent and how much they charged you last quarter.

It is easy to overlook that, like you and I, they have growth targets, profit goals and infrastructure plans to meet. Penalties hit those plans. Therefore, the fundamental question to ask is ‘why did British Gas not install the smart meters?’.

The answer; to get more money from their business customers. If you do not have a smart meter, you will receive estimated bills. Suppliers overestimate, and you lose out because your business has to pay the providers more than your usage. Without smart meters, you pay more on every bill, for every site.

How does this affect your business?
Think about how much the estimated bills increase your business costs every month. Now multiply that by 12, and consider how much money you are wasting on your providers every year. Ask yourself, what could your business do with that amount of money? You could employ efficient new colleagues, fit out new sites, present improved profits to the board. However, you cannot. The suppliers have that money because they have not installed smart meters.

Are you angry? Good. Keep on reading.

How can you protect your business?
Install smart meters and get exact bills! No more estimations and no more suppliers celebrating their profits, while your business loses out. Additionally, to get smart meters in every site, just ask your supplier. The responsibility to fit the meter is on them. It will not cost you a thing.

Hang on a minute. You have almost finished this article, and you still do not know who’s having the conversation?

Smart meters have a sim that talks with a data collector and the supplier; thus, providing precise bills based on usage. It is the meter, data collector, and the supplier that must communicate with each other. To receive precise bills, the three of them must talk to each other. Naturally, providers do not want your bills to be exact. Therefore, this conversation happening is a problem our customers regularly face. So make sure they are talking by checking that your bills are accurate, not estimated.

Let’s go back to that money your business is wasting because of estimated bills. Now, let’s install smart meters at every site and ensure the communication channels are active on each smart meter.

What did you say your business could do with the money wasted? Let’s do it.

Simon Unger is the MD of The Procurement Group, specialising in saving your business money. If your business is spending too much, let us help you save.

Email Simon | 0800 019 3244

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