Welcome to The Procurement Group

For over 20 years we’ve been the foremost one stop shop for support & advice on all aspects of managing UK business costs using the very best procurement management & cost reduction techniques.  

This is business costs Cost Reduction done like you’d do it yourself.

Welcome to The Procurement Group


Procurement Management

As the top procurement management provider in London, we understand the importance of offering our clients a full suite of services when it comes to managing your indirect business costs as part of your very own, bespoke & unique to you, Cost Reduction programme.  

Starting with a thorough understanding & analysis of all your current business costs arrangements, progressing to tendering, contract negotiation, implementation, supplier management and bill validation – our procurement management process will undertake the most detailed & comprehensive analysis of your current arrangements available, providing the basis for a sound Cost Reduction partnership and freeing up you and your teams time to focus on your key business drivers. 

Get in touch today to find out how our procurement management process can help you and your team deliver your individually tailored Cost Reduction programme

Cost Reduction & Spend Optimisation

Our goal is to ensure that you get the best “bang for your buck” by utilising the very best procurement management technicques to deliver a Cost Reduction programme for your business costs.
By leveraging our extensive supplier relationships combined with thorough analysis of your current contractual arrangements and ideal operational “wish list” we will ensure that your business costs Cost Reduction project is a success – delivering the very best value for money to your business now, and going forward.

Sustainable, long term, delivered Cost Reduction of your business costs.

Supplier Management

In contract supplier management is an often overlooked part of procurement management & Cost Reduction programmes for business costs in particular.

By viewing all of our relationships as partnerships we ensure that your supply partners are treated fairly and perform to the SLAs that your operations team require.  Throughout the term of our engagement.

Let us use best practice procurement management techniques to manage your business costs suppliers as part of your business costs Cost Reduction programme so that you and your team can focus on the big issues in your business.



What do our clients say?

        • 100% confirmed we deliver value for money,
        • 85% rate our value proposition as excellent or very good
        • 95% would happily recommend us to other Finance Directors


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Our Testimonials

“When one of our Partners introduced The Procurement Group, I was initially sceptical about whether they could help. However, once they started to review our stationery and IT consumables costs, the results spoke for themselves.”
Gordon Howes
Gordon Howes Director of Facilities


A professional, well managed, quick and non intrusive full review resulting in considerable cost savings. No hesitation in recommending their services to any prospective client.
Jez Avens
Jez Avens Operations Director


Our key motivation to use the Procurement Group was to reduce cost, and I would definitely recommend them.
Ian Fraser
Ian Fraser Finance Director


Exceptional service, has done everything asked for and more would recommend to anyone looking to reduce costs.

Ian Brownjohn

Ian Brownjohn Finance Director

Very professional and have helped us to achieve significant savings across a number of areas over the years

Bindesh Majithia

Bindesh Majithia Head of Audit and Compliance

Excellent, sorted out our utility supply chain, reduced our costs and gave us buying power for the future. Recommend.
Scott Chillery
Scott Chillery Finance Director


Simon and his team have delivered a very experienced, thorough and cost effective service. Recommend.
Stefano Ispani
Stefano Ispani CEO


Although we’ve always worked hard to drive down costs, partnership with The Procurement Group took our cost management to a new level.
Philip Bunt
Philip Bunt Director of Corporate Services

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