By identifying potential savings in your critical overheads and managing supplier relationships, we guarantee to make substantial cost reductions within as little as four weeks. And the savings we make will be significant, both short and long-term – our average saving is over 25%. This proposition is based on a no gain, no pay model: we earn our fees solely as a minority share of the fully demonstrated procurement savings we generate for you over the first year.

Industry-wide capability

About half of corporate overhead spend currently goes to external suppliers. It’s a staggering amount, which makes optimising procurement a business imperative. Yet few businesses have the time, the full range of skills or the buying power needed to achieve this.

To redress this need, we have identified for our clients huge procurement savings achievable on everything from Tipp-Ex to Telecoms, from Paper to Power. And increasingly they are appreciating our service right where it counts: on the bottom line.

Managing your interests

Our full service support of your purchasing needs truly will be full service. We will check all supplier invoices for accuracy and obtain credit notes where appropriate, we will deal with any service issues that may arise, and we will manage supplier relationships to sustain the quality of their service to you. In short, we will remove from your horizon a whole raft of diversions, allowing you to maintain focus on your real business.

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