Is Your Business Ready For The Retail Water Market?

Businesses across England are set to benefit in reduced water savings, and enhanced services when the new retail water market emerges. There’s no fixed date as of yet for when England introduces the retail sector for water. It’s expected to be sometime around April of 2017. When that happens, you could see your bill drop […]

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Managing Tail-End Spend Efficiently

The Pareto Principle applies to business expenditure as much as it does to many other aspects of a company. With a well-managed procurement process, strategic spending will account for 80% of a business’s total expenditure. The other 20% is where it becomes problematic because the purchases are: ·         Erratic ·         Of low value ·         Bought […]

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Beware Of The Air Conditioning Systems Con

The increasing use of IT equipment, the employees to operate them and the office spaces to house them has led to a surge in demand for energy efficient air conditioning installations. Office complexes and retail outlets account for the vast majority of installations and for good reason too. Businesses need their staff to be comfortable […]

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Facts That Finance Officers Ought To Know About Outsourcing Procurement

The outsourcing of procurement can be viewed by some in finance as handing over some or all of the control over the buying processes. The opposite couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that outsourcing any of your procurement functions isn’t about passing over control. It’s about bringing aboard advisors, sometimes specialist advisors […]

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England And Wales Rates Revaluation Analysis

It’s the review that’s supposed to happen every five years, but this time around, it’s took seven years as it was postponed until 2017. The time has arrived for the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to reassess the 1.96 million non-domestic premises around England and Wales to produce the latest draft Rating List, determining the business […]

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