Washroom Equipment

All businesses have a legal obligation/duty of care to provide hygienic washrooms and sanitary disposal facilities. It’s in your best interests to ensure you get quality service, at an affordable price so you can minimise disruption to your workplace washrooms and toilets.

What We Do

The Procurement Group are specialists in affordable sourcing of B2B supplies. We can take care of sourcing and maintaining all your washroom equipment needs and service level agreements, with pre-approved terms and conditions either as a standalone managed service, or as part of our complete Buildings & Facilities Management Service for Commercial Enterprises.

We have a professional team of experts on hand, a sizeable client base and an extensive list of suitable suppliers’ at-the-ready to service your facilities on your terms.

Who We Work With

We work with a range of clientele across the UK public and private sector, some of which include:

  • Pubs, clubs, and other entertainment venues (local and national)
  • Local authorities and other public sector clients
  • Charity organisations

No firm will be too large for our team to assist!

About Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are fully vetted to ensure continuity of service provision. Our checks ensure that each of our suppliers…

  • Have financial stability
  • A strong track record
  • Years of experience delivering and servicing washroom equipment
  • The technical expertise in-house to service and maintain your washroom equipment (where it’s rented and not outright bought).
  • The professional ability and capacity to continually take care of your washrooms in line with UK and EU procurement legislations.

We work hand-in-glove with some of the leading national washroom services suppliers. As such, we’re confident that we can both reduce your costs and ensure your washrooms are maintained to a high standard.

What’s Included

Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our suppliers offer a full range of washroom equipment including:

  • Toilet roll dispensers
  • Hand dryers
  • Sanitary units
  • All stock supplies

Where appropriate, our suppliers hold waste disposal licenses and comply with relevant legislation.

Our Management: At Your Disposal

With our management team working with you, there’s no need for a UK/EU compliant procurement process to be in place. We’re experts in procurement and will work closely between your company and our preferred suppliers to bring you a fully managed Washroom Equipment service level agreement, that’s both affordable and we’ll stay on top it to ensure continuity of service at affordable costs with quality built-in throughout.

Clear Service Level Agreements

All our quotes include a bullet-point précis of the suggested contract plus clear service level agreements that detail exactly what will happen when any Washroom Equipment breaks down or money gets stuck in a vending unit.

Next step…

Call us on 0800 0193 244, or email new@procurementgroup.co.uk and let us help get you onto the best managed service for your Washroom Equipment.

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