Buildings & Facilities Management

Our focus at The Procurement Group is to provide our teams’ expertise to clients, allowing you to facilitate an integrated approach to Buildings and Facilities Management.

What’s more is…

We know the importance of value adding services and separating your core business functions from your non-core functions. In such a competitive marketplace you need every advantage you can get.

We give you an unparalleled advantage!

We help our investor clients turn their cost items into value added services at reduced cost, delivering outstanding value to your clients.

We help you serve your clients better.

Integrated Approach: Exceptional Value

To remain competitive in the real estate sector, you need a strategy in place to move forward with promise.

Our team can work you with on developing your Building and Facilities Management Strategy, and perhaps even give you your first competitive advantage.

Start by developing your core business services and then list out your non-core functions that help you retain a healthy profit margin. Then we’ll help you procure the services for less, and boost your bottom line.

Short-Term Measures for Long-Term Development

We know your biggest costs are operational. Second to that is payroll and we can assist there too.

We also know the mistake most investors make and that’s to lose sight of the value customers see in hope of making cutbacks to retain profits in a sector that’s undergone radical changes eating into your profit margins.

To retain profits, it’s imperative you have experts with you so you can keep your competitive advantage of high customer satisfaction by not cutting non-core services that adds value to your customers, while adding a healthy mark-up to your balance sheet.

Our Buildings and Facilities Management service caters to both core and non-core services.

Our Services

At The Procurement Group, our Building and Facilities Management consists of procuring the most cost-effective business rates for our clients who require our services in the following areas:

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