Landfill tax rates are currently rising at an average £2 per tonne per year, with current standard landfill tax rates sitting at £84.40 per tonne. In 2004, that was £15 per tonne so in just over a decade, landfill tax has risen by over 530%, and shows no signs of slowing.

Your operational costs will continue to rise if you don’t get strategic with your waste management.

We have the experts on hand to help your company take a strategic approach to waste management and experience all the benefits that come with it.

Proactive Waste Management: Better CSR

Public perception is everything in business. One of the fastest and most ethical ways of winning consumer trust is influencing perception.

Ethics go a long way to improve that and that’s what you can do with our assistance. Our team will help you develop and execute a sustainable waste management strategy that’s tailored to your exact needs.

We partner with specialists in the best positon to help our clients manage waste efficiently.

Lean, Green and Clean: The Future

Quality and rubbish are two words that don’t go well together. Until you include them in your waste management policies.

Waste management used to be covered by general outsourcing firms. Nowadays, that’s not the case.

Today, you need an expert service provider to cater to your every need.

  • The public want a cleaner future for the next generation
  • Government initiatives are pushing for it
  • And it’s your business that’s expected to lead the way

If you don’t, you’ll be fined.

Breaching any of the nine EU directives for Waste Management is punishable by law, results in criminal records and will bring about a hefty fine. To date, the highest fine recorded is £1.2M and that was handed to a waste management specialist.

The Environment Agency takes waste crime seriously!

…As we do because we know it can make or break businesses.

There’s over 3,000 waste management firms that operate throughout the UK, but not all are capable of delivering the unique solutions to waste management tailored to your business.

Waste Management: Getting it Right!

As mentioned earlier, this area is not considered under the category of general outsourcing. This is a specialist field and as such, it takes a collaborative approach to get it right.

  • You need a waste management specialist
  • With experience and knowledge of the legal aspects of waste disposal
  • Experienced in strategic waste management
  • Are innovative – in that part of their future involves investing in leading technologies to ensure efficiencies in their business. If your waste management partner can’t control their operational expenses, they won’t be able to help you control yours.
  • Will lower your risk of financial and ethical breaches by controlling your waste ethically
  • Will maximise recycling and minimise waste. The best in the waste management field aim for Zero Waste.

Achieving Zero Waste

It is possible, albeit difficult. There will always be waste, however the aim of a Zero Waste policy is to eliminate waste going to landfill.

Examples include:

  • Providing a recycling service
  • Using Waste-to-Energy plants
  • Applying the the 3 R’s of Waste Management
    1. Reduce
    2. Reuse
    3. Recycle

And that applies to all levels across your organisation. If you can’t reuse items, waste management firms will find others who will before they dispose it to landfill.

Sustainability: Stakeholders before Shareholders

Sustainability is about growing your business the right way. Being ethical in how you source, operate and execute on your planned policies.

Your organisation must be seen as doing the right thing. Just like the 3 R’s of Waste Management, there’s also 3 P’s to help you remember how to drive business growth ethically…

  • People
  • Planet
  • Profit

In that order too.

Expert Waste Management Assessment

At The Procurement Group, we’ll assess your full waste disposal and recycling needs, and find the right waste management solution for your business. We’ll take into account how often your bins actually need emptying, and agree collection frequencies to match.

When we present options to you, we’ll give you a bullet-point précis of the suggested contract. Once you’ve chosen one of our recommendations, we’ll continue to monitor your usage, and change arrangements as needed to ensure your waste disposal costs stay as low as possible.

Data is the key to driving efficiencies.

We will…

  • Monitor your waste
  • Manage your contracts
  • Give you the key data you need to know your waste is being managed in the most efficient way possible.

…. And you can use that data to impress your clientele, and boost your public perception.

Approved Waste Disposal Contractors

We only work with waste disposal contractors who are fully approved and licensed, and who have demonstrated that they provide a safe, reliable and professional service. They cover a wide range of waste disposal and recycling capabilities, including:

  • General bags and bins
  • Dry cleaning fluids
  • Photo lab chemicals
  • Clinical waste
  • Green recycling bags
  • Printer cartridges
  • Aluminium cans
  • Paper/cardboard
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Batteries

We monitor performance closely and act quickly on any concerns you may have.

Call us on 0800 0193 244, or email new@procurementgroup.co.uk and let us help you take back control of your waste and boost business efficiency.

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