Energy Management

The Procurement Group provide a comprehensive energy management and certification service to businesses, public bodies, and other organisations.

Why Focus on Energy Management?

It is because every business must take their energy consumption seriously, the larger your organisation, the more the legislative burden.

  • The government Carbon Plan requires cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. To achieve this goal, all businesses in every sector must increase their energy efficiency by lowering consumption.
  • Mandatory reporting is required by larger enterprises (250+ staff) under the UK’s CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) Energy Efficiency Scheme (EES). This applies to businesses such as:
    • Supermarkets
    • Water companies
    • Banks
    • Local authorities and all central government departments
  • For businesses meeting the qualification criteria of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme(ESOS), assessments must be carried out no longer than every four years to remain ESOS compliant.

Regulatory compliance is crucial to avoid monetary fines and other financial penalties.

Incentives are also available to benefit businesses meeting their requirements, which include:

  • Feed-in tariffs for electrical generation
  • Better yield on properties
  • Enhanced reputation management through your CSR (Corporate Social Responsible) policy

The positives of efficient energy management far outweigh the negatives and that’s the sole driver of many more businesses beginning to be proactive and take energy management seriously.

Much More than Energy Performance Certificates…

Businesses can use our energy management service in one of two ways.

  • By using our Accredited Energy Assessors to meet mandatory legal requirements
  • By using our complete management service for a comprehensive approach to Energy Management

The latter of which will provide a direct impact on your bottom line, on the capital/rental value of your property, and on your CSR credentials.

By using our energy experts for your complete energy management, The Procurement Group will:

  • Gather building data
  • Conduct an energy performance survey
  • Compile a full report on asset and operational performance
  • Issue EPCs/DECs
  • Record and manage ongoing energy performance
  • Recommend and monitor efficiency controls
  • Review procurement and reduce costs
  • Advise on energy-related aspects of your CSR policy

Typically, our clients see positive gains within two years as a result of reduced energy consumption based on the recommendations of our Energy Consultants.

Ongoing Energy Management

Our no-nonsense approach to energy management provides our clients with traditional and forward-thinking ideas, resulting in lower energy consumption, leading to lower overheads.

We go further than provide you with technical solutions as we understand the importance of strategy. We help businesses of all sizes develop an efficient management strategy. And our Energy Consultants work closely with your managers as they implement the recommendations.

Supply-side Savings

Alongside our support with energy management inside your buildings, we’ll also review your energy supply contracts and source cheaper solutions.

Find out more on our Gas and Electricity page.

Our cost-reduction services can be used by all clients, so you don’t need to use our complete energy management service to lower your costs.

Talk to Us…

To find out how our Accredited Energy Assessors can best assist your business, call us on: 0800 0193 244 or use our contact page here.

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