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As energy prices rise and budgets get tighter, most businesses are looking for ways to save money on their electricity bills. Most of us are aware of the energy saving tips, like turning off computers and lowering heating, but in this article we are looking at some of the bigger picture ways to save larger amounts of money on energy, reducing overheads and increasing profits for your business.

Go Green

Now in this section, we’re not thinking about going green in an environmental sense, but more in the ‘back to nature’ sense. If you provide employees with a space outdoors, many businesses find that their employees don’t use company equipment and resources as much during their lunch hour. Of course, this is likely to be more effective in the summer months when the sun is shining, but getting staff outdoors for a short time every day increases morale and productivity overall.

Flexible Working

Computer technology company Dell announced recently that they are aiming to have at least half of their workforce working remotely by 2020. Whilst this may seem like a huge number, it could be worth it in terms of the vast savings that can be made.

For a lot of businesses, things like IT, secretarial support and even sales teams can be outsourced or home-based roles, as long as systems are in place to retain communication and motivation. These days, many workers are seeking flexible working arrangements to improve their work-life balance, so a move towards remote working may even improve staff morale.

This reduces the energy used drastically, as you don’t have to supply the electricity for employees to work and save money on technology, heating and lighting as well.

Ditch the Car

Company cars and fuel costs are one of the major expenses for many businesses. Savvy savers are looking for ways to save on the cost of fuel. Car sharing or having a car pool are two options that that will reduce fuel consumption saving money overall.

This means that employees leave the car at work ensuring they only use it for work purposes and it’s available at weekends, evenings or when the employee is on holiday. This not only allows others to benefit but cuts the cost of petrol allowances considerably.

Negotiate with Suppliers

At The Procurement Group, we help businesses to negotiate their existing contracts with suppliers (or consider alternatives if necessary) to ensure that they are on the best tariffs and see whether any further savings can be made. We will look at all of your outgoings, not just energy, and give you recommendations of where cost savings can be made. Best of all, we guarantee substantial cost reductions within four weeks and if you don’t save money, you won’t pay a penny, as our costs are a fraction of the savings that we generate for you.  For more information, contact us today.


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