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Travel is essential for every business, whether that is using public transport, private hire, charter jets or operating your own in-house fleet of vehicles.

There is a lot to consider, in particular the objectives of your procurement policy with regards to integrating an approach towards zero carbon emissions across your fleet.

At The Procurement Group, our aim is to serve our clients with the best in travel procurement expertise, using our buying power and knowledge of our supplier base to bring lower travel costs to your business while helping our clients work towards lower carbon emissions.

Vehicle Procurement: Whole-Of-Life Cost

When investing in vehicular fleets, there’s more needs accounted for than capital expenditure.

Areas our team investigate include:

  • The initial cost
  • Maintenance costs
  • Carbon emissions
  • Tyres
  • Fuel
  • Insurance classifications
  • Support services for maintenance

Our team will work with you to create a briefing for our suppliers to ensure your vehicles meet your needs.

Travel Spending Insights: Expense Visibility

We assist our clients by assessing overall travel costs by conducting a transportation cost analysis, which will determine your overall travel costs across your organisation.

The data we have for your travel expenses can then be consolidatedinto our larger travel budget for each of our clients. With the pooled travel budget, we’re able to approach any number of our travel suppliers to explore opportunities for negotiated rate agreements, which can significantly reduce your travel costs – and fast!

Our team manage the negotiations on your behalf.

Private Jet Services: Charter or Purchase

We also work with private sector aviation suppliers, thus can accommodate the charter of private jets or assist in the procurement process and in establishing maintenance agreements where required. In addition, we can also assist in the procurement process of spare parts and hangarage if that is deemed a requirement.

Our Transport Services Include:

  • Airport Cars
  • Cars and taxis
  • Passenger Cars
  • Private Jet – Charter & Purchase
  • Travel Expenses
  • Vehicles

Whatever your businesses travel needs, we are confident we have the supplier base to meet your every requirement.

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