Printing and Print Management

If you spend over £100,000 a year on printing services, we can save you money and provide an efficient print management service.

The Print Management Challenge

Print buying is a professional specialism in itself. Few businesses have the in-house expertise to manage the complexities and negotiations involved in ensuring a cost-effective print management service across the full range of printing needs.
Major print jobs often bring major headaches, with many problems stemming from lack of expertise in dealing with printers and print specifications. Deadlines are typically tight, and the priority is just to get each job done.

We frequently find people who send all their printing to the same printer, because it’s too time-consuming to put together a formal Request for Quote and send it to several different printing companies. We also find that when businesses do send print jobs out to a variety of printers, it’s more likely to reflect the personal contacts of those organising the work than to demonstrate a company-wide print management strategy.

The Best Price for Every Print Job?

As a result, prices quoted can be extremely uncompetitdive. Business arrangements can get too cosy, whilst few printers have the facilities and expertise to provide the best price and the best service for every different print request.

In addition, it’s not uncommon to pay far more than you need for a job because you’ve unwittingly specified a paper size or other detail that requires a more expensive technical solution.

Reduce Printing Costs AND Streamline Processes

All this means that there are huge opportunities for reducing both direct printing costs and for improving efficiency.

With worldwide contacts in the printing industry, we know where to go and who to talk to for each specific print job. We work with selected international print management companies, using suppliers from across the globe to make sure that you get the best quotes and the best quality.

We identify opportunities for cost-reduction arising from every stage of the process, from cost-effective paper choices to optimum pack size for warehouse picking.

And we demand that all our print partners meet our strict quality criteria. It’s easy for printers to cut costs by cutting corners – but we won’t work with those that do.

Free Up Time and Resources

As well as liaising with printers and finding the best quotes for each print job, we’ll provide high levels of support, releasing your staff from the time-consuming and often stressful task of bringing print jobs in on time and to specification.

From advising on specifications through to managing stock levels, providing usage reports, and organising warehouse storage, our print management service delivers streamlined print processes so your staff can concentrate on core business activities.

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