Water Coolers

Water coolers are essential for the hydration of staff and customers. In fact, it could even improve productivity. What it can also do is give you a headache trying to find a reliable and professional supplier.

Water Coolers Demystified

Here is what most people think the choices are for getting a water cooler on-site…

  • Mains fed
  • Bottled

It is an easy choice right?

It is far from any easy choice because there are other considerations such as…

  • Maintenance
  • Sanitisation
  • Cups supply
  • … and management
  • Recycling programs for the cups

Then there is sourcing an amicable service level agreement to cover it all. In a contract, written in plain English that you can understand.

It is apparently not so easy to install a simple water cooler.

Cheaper Water: Superior Service

You can find really cheap water coolers and even cheap water refill services but that’d be in vain if the supplies don’t turn up or the machine breaks and you can’t get an engineer ‘til three weeks later.

Reliability must be priority for any supplier as will sanitisation because the water needs to be fit for purpose. People are consuming the water you are buying, making it your responsibility to ensure proper hygiene standards are met, as is the sanitisation requirements of your equipment.

At The Procurement Group, we know the companies that can:

  • Supply racks and other parts,
  • Supply the newest machines,
  • And the suppliers that have dedicated support lines, manned by real people you can talk to about any supply or maintenance problems you encounter.

We act on our client’s behalf to secure a service level agreement reflecting your delivery lead times and your sanitisation requirements. We go further to monitor your service ensuring the agreement is complied with so you donot have to worry about it.

Water Coolers and Supplies Guaranteed

The Procurement Group only work with established and national companies because we know there has been a lot of consolidation over the years. There’s also been many a water cooler supplier went out of operations, which is a sure fire way to disrupt your services. For that reason, you can be sure that the suppliers we work with provide:

  • National coverage
  • Local distribution coverage
  • Excellent customer support

Let us leverage our client’s combined buying power alongside our procurement expertise to negotiate cheaper prices on water coolers for your business.

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