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The Procurement Group has directly saved us a six figure sum

Gordon Howes, Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP

If you think you’re getting great reductions from your stationery supplier, think again.  Even if they’re quoting fantastic discounts on the RRP, it’s meaningless – because no-one sells stationery at the RRP.

Genuinely Cheap Stationery – No Artifical Discounts

Have you ever agreed a contract with a stationery supplier based on attractive prices for every item in your first order?

If you have, you’re not alone.  But what you may not realise is that typically, around half the content of that initial order will change in the course of future orders.  This means that after a few months, half your office supplies order could be for stationery items for which you haven’t agreed a contract price.
And that’s why you got such a good contract – because the supplier can now charge you a mythical RRP discounted price for every new item added.
To keep stationery costs down takes active management of the stationery buying process. That’s where The Procurement Group can help.

Stationery Procurement

We check your stationery orders on a monthly basis, to see what you are actually buying, and amend your contract prices accordingly.


The Procurement Group don’t stop once they find a good deal – they’ve continued to find us savings over the four years since we first met…

Marc Voulters, Sedley Richard Laurence Volters

To make things easier as well as cheaper, we’ll also give you advice on streamlining your ordering processes.

Genuinely Cheap Stationery – No Artifical Discounts

As we are a recognised stationery buying group, our suppliers offer over 20,000 lines of stationery plus a wide range of printer ink cartridges and photocopier toner. We work with up to five suppliers, each of which quote for every item – like for like.

The Genuine Article…

If it’s not in an HP box, it’s not an HP cartridge, no matter what anyone tells you. Using the manufacturer’s part number, we check that each item quoted matches what you buy now: like-for-like, part number for part number.

… and Quality Unbranded Products

If you want to save even more on your stationery and ink cartridges, we’ll advise on the relative merits of alternative unbranded and compatible products once we’ve identified savings on an exact like-for-like basis.

Know your Real Stationery Costs

Because stationery comes in packs of all shapes and sizes, it’s easy to be misled into thinking you’ve got a good deal.

To avoid any confusion, we break down your quotes to give you the price per single item, so that you can make sensible comparisons. We will tell you the price per staple, per pin, and per paperclip.

The Procurement Group

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