Printers and Photocopier Rental and Maintenance

The printer sector is a dog eat dog world. Super cut throat and when you throw in the technological terms thrown around in the negotiation stages of contracting your office equipment, you will soon realise you need a knowledge partner in your corner.

The Procurement Group Can Be Your Knowledge Partner!

We do not sell or rent you copiers. We partner with the best in the trade, and continually maintain a database of preferred suppliers, who we know to offer:

  • Sound service
  • Reliability
  • Clear terms
  • Transparency
  • Value for money

There is no print supplier going to pull the wool over our office equipment procurement team.

Are you Paying Too Much for Copiers and Printers?

It is no secret that printing and copying is an expensive overhead. It is one that is manageable though, giving that you have the right knowledge at your disposal.

With our service, we include a full analysis of any existing service agreements you have in place for printers or commercial copiers. We will assess the cost of buying out from locked in agreements, and if you are not already locked into a maintenance agreement (which is where suppliers really make their profits), we will make sure you are not locked into an agreement that does not provide value to your business.

What we mostly find with copier agreements is that the initial contracts have been negotiated using a higher than anticipated usage. When this happens, you are essentially paying for copies whether you print them or not. Then you have the added costs of:

  • Toner replacements
  • Remote monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Service fees
  • And metering allowances worked into your costs

Some of which are costs that can be avoided by discussing them at the initial negotiation.

Buy or Lease?

At The Procurement Group, we take care of our clients by ensuring that you get the best service level agreement and that is only if you will get better value from leasing. Sometimes, it is best just to buy the equipment outright.

We know of one company who paid over £700,000 for leased equipment that would have cost under £150,000 to buy.

We assess your business needs and advise you whether it is more cost effective to buy your equipment outright, or if there is better value from a tailored service level agreement and only with one of our preferred suppliers, who we have vetted thoroughly and continually maintain good business relations.

Best Prices, Best Practice

By working with The Procurement Group, you will benefit from a full analysis of your office copier and printer usage. Our recommendations will include advice on the most efficient layout for printers and copiers in your office, taking into account user comments and management input.

What We Do:

  • Break down any existing contracts to investigate whether you’re best to buy outright and break the terms of current agreements
  • If you’re already locked into a maintenance agreement, we’ll assess the financial impact of a buyout from it
  • We’ll provide you with a full report discussing our recommendations on best management and practice of your copier(s) and printer(s)
  • Provide you with a minimum of three quotes, each guaranteed to be from our preferred suppliers ensuring a sustainable and cost-efficient proposal that realistically will work in your favour

Something that is hard to do on your own without bringing in a knowledge partner.

Talk to Us

Give our procurement team a call on 0800 0 193 244 to discuss your office equipment situation and find out how we can assist you to lower your print and copy costs while improving service efficiency.

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