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At The Procurement Group, we’re experts at cost containment. That’s what you need with business critical supplies because you can’t avoid the costs – you can only contain them. We help you do that with complete efficiency and control.

Office Supplies: 360 Coverage

Since the inception of Our Business in 2003, The Procurement Group has experienced substantial growth, thanks in no small part to our large and loyal client base.

As our client base grew, so too has our range of office supplies and services to accommodate the unique needs of our clients. Whatever you require, our team will work with you to procure

  • The best supplies,
  • On the best terms,
  • And agree those with you before contracts are signed.

We work with leading national office suppliers, for which our most popular supplies and services include:

Our Solutions: Your Benefits

When you work with The Procurement Group, you can expect to:

  • Reduce your overall costs
  • Consolidate your invoices
  • Gain total cost visibility for maximum cost containment
  • Receive transparent invoices broken down to department level to further aid cost containment (even at enterprise level)
  • Further benefit from sustainably sourced office supplies to aid both our businesses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our Suppliers: Guaranteed Continuity

We work with leading national suppliers across the UK. As such, we have partnerships with some major distribution depots, which mean we can accommodate for local office supplies, so you can benefit from emergency supplies, should you understock.

All our suppliers are carefully vetted to ensure they have a strong historic trading record, and sound financial stability to guarantee supply continuity.

Cost Savings: Our Promise

We guarantee that we can save you money, so give us a call today on 0800 0193 244 for a no-obligation quote.

If your office supply costs have already spiralled, talk strategy with any member of our team. We’ll contain your costs!

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