Landline Rentals

We source cheaper landlines for business.

Phone line rental prices have certainly come down since the days of the BT monopoly – but how do you know where to find the cheapest? And can you be sure that cheaper phone lines don’t mean poorer service?

Cheaper Phone Lines, Reliable Service

We work with BT’s wholesale partners to bring down your phone line rental costs. The partners buy landline capacity from BT, then sell it on at competitive prices. There’s no physical difference to the way phone calls are handled, and you keep your existing number. You don’t need any new lines or equipment installed, and you won’t see any decrease in reliability.

By keeping your phone lines on BT’s network you are assured of quality, and all the services available from BT are provided – cheaper! These include:

  • Analogue & ISDN lines.
  • DDI & Call Divert facilities.
  • all service level agreements from guaranteed 4 hour 365/24/7 response.

Regular Phone Line Reports

Once we start working together, we’ll check your invoices to make sure that you’re being charged correctly. We’ll also provide monthly reports on your landline usage, while watching out for dead lines (‘orphans’) to make sure you’re not paying line rental on lines you’re not using.

Line Rental and Call Charges: Same Supplier?

You may get the cheapest line rental and call charges if you source both from the same supplier, but that’s not always the case. Ask us to look at both areas for you, and we’ll advise on the most cost-effective options.

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