Landline Phone Calls

We source directly from suppliers to bring cheaper landline calls to businesses.
We focus on:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Performance

We understand costs are only one of many factors when choosing a preferred supplier.

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About Tiered Suppliers

Phone bills used to be simple. BT billed you line rental and charged for calls by the minute.
Competition is fierce now though, making it difficult to tell what firm has the best deal and if the contract terms are as attractive as they seem on the surface.
To simplify the fierce competition, suppliers are grouped into tiers.

  • Tier 1

These are the major suppliers with guaranteed 99.99% uptime for all customers, regardless the capacity you need.

  • Tier 2

These suppliers own partial networks, work out cheaper than tier one, and with our trusted suppliers, they all guarantee 99.99% uptime because they restrict the capacity.
For large corporations, this isn’t always possible due to capacity limitations.

  • Tier 3

These suppliers offer the cheapest business calls because they buy capacity (limited) on another network. When capacity is full, calls don’t go through. For that reason, we don’t work with tier 3 operators. Savings are cancelled out by quality and performance issues.

Phone Call Deals to Match Your Call Traffic Patterns

We analyse your call traffic patterns to source the best deals available. This includes:

  • Analysing your volume of calls and…
  • The destination of your call traffic (UK or Overseas)

We continually check our suppliers are not:

  • Rounding to the nearest penny
  • Applying heavy connection charges
  • Applying minimum call charges

Plus, any other telecoms tricks designed to cancel out the savings we make for you.
We will tell you if customer service and technical support is available here or overseas, and if it’s a robotic process making it difficult to speak to someone when you need them most.
We also have access to suppliers providing electronic account management, saving your finance department time – further benefiting your organisation.
A bullet point precis of a suggested contract will be supplied to help you make an informed choice.

Ongoing account monitoring

When you work with The Procurement Group, detailed monthly usage reports are supplied. You’ll know if premium rate numbers are being used, and the amount and duration of overseas calls.

Should any numbers become expensive, you can let us know and we’ll arrange call barring to those numbers to prevent charges racking up.

Line Rental and Call Charges: Better Together?

It’s not always the case for savings to be had with line rental and call charges through the same supplier. It makes sense to most because it’s less paperwork, but it’s sometimes more expensive.

We look at your line rental contracts and your call charges together to assess if it’s cheaper to separate the two between different suppliers.

Our advisors will let you know your cheapest option.

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