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We’ve helped our clients save up to 70% on BT Rates.

  • We know the telecommunications sector
  • We know our clients’ options
  • We know the contracts and loopholes used to bolster the price you pay

Our team put heads together to help our clients access only the best deals available.

Want cheap conference calls?

We can source the cheapest, but as you know, cheap isn’t always representative of quality. Certainly affordable conference calls have quality built into the service but cheap… you need to be careful of.

In our experience, if you use conference calls between team members and don’t require recording functionality, in-house conference calls can be obtained cheaply.

Upgrading from Cheap to Affordable Conference Calls

This is where things improve because service providers differ; as do the contracts they present you with.

The conference call services we’re able to bring to businesses at an affordable price help our clients reduce travel time – a generally accepted business practice to reduce overheads. It’s why conference call services are on the increase because they bring significant cost savings.

Our team put an end to you paying more just because you’re unaware of your options. We’re here to enlighten you into what’s possible.

Conference Call Pricing

Despite contracts often seeming complex on the surface, they boil down to two pricing options. You’re pricing will be either:

  • Dial a premium rate number and the price for the call will include the conference call function.
  • Call through a service centre, which often gives you the option to record the call. This feature isn’t always available with premium rate numbers but most service centres do offer this functionality.

Both options can be cost efficient, however depending on your specific needs, one of those options will work out cheaper. Our experts are on hand to help you identify the best fit for what you need.

About conference call recording

Some conference calls run through service lines, but not all do. Web based conference calls are often your cheapest, however because they rely on your internet connection, they’re not always the best option quality-wise.

Cheaper conference calls for in-house communications can be reduced significantly using web based applications.

Dealing with customer calls and client inquiries though, you definitely need quality factored into the service.

About our suppliers

  • They’re guaranteed to all be of quality.
  • We work with one accredited supplier to county courts. This is a conference call provider used by legal professionals who need total clarity on recorded conference calls, for which can then be used as evidence in court so you’re guaranteed call clarity with this county court accredited provider.

Conference call options

  • Service centre based
  • Premium number dial-in allowing for mobile access for on the go team members
  • Phone line networks
  • Web based networks
  • Overseas access

That bulleted list above is the same format that you’ll be presented with for our recommendations.

We’ll suggest a contract and present it to you with a bullet list precis detailing what’s included. When you’re happy about what we can do for you, let us know and we’ll put things in place to get you up and running for less.

And we won’t leave you there either.

We continually monitor your usage to ensure you’re always on the most cost efficient conference call plan we can obtain for you.

To begin or continue benefiting with conference calls for less, simply call us free on 0800 0193 244 or send an email to

What we do for your business

  • We watch the competition closely. The telecoms industry is fiercely competitive and even more so for commercial contracts
  • We know the best deals around – all the time
  • We’re aware of complex pricing plans and always see through jargon designed to push prices upwards

Because of that, we’re confident we can find the very best conference call options for exactly what you need and will base our recommendations on your specific criteria.

What we need from you

  • When you tend to use conference calls
  • How you use them
  • The frequency of your calls
  • Number of participants
  • And whether or not you need recording functionality

Our commitment to you

When you work with The Procurement Group, you aren’t obliged to deal with one supplier. We have a range of conference call service providers, for which we’re able to use for various functions and to create a bespoke solution to exactly match what you need.

If we think none of our suppliers are a good fit for your business, we’ll be upfront and tell you and offer our suggestions.

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