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We provide our clients with reliable office cleaning services at cost-effective prices.

“The Procurement Group have reduced our cleaning bills by 42%, and the service is just as good…”
Steven Strauss, Simmons Gainsford LLP

Office Cleaning: The Problem You Don’t Need

A clean office is the least you can provide your staff with. They expect it; you’re obliged by health and safety to provide it, and without professionalism built into your cleaning service, staff morale could be costing more than any service could.

Crumb covered carpets and overflowing bins have no place in any office. Your employees are paid to contribute to your bottom line and won’t do the best job at cleaning because it’s not their primary role.

Cleaning contractors – on the other hand – well that is their job. They handle the workload, take care of the cleaning supplies and can even work with you to ensure your recycling needs are taken care of, freeing you up from the local recycling regimes in place that could see you financially penalised for using the wrong bins for the wrong rubbish.

It’s not uncommon for a business to approach multiple cleaning contractors, try many out and still struggle to find a reliable service.

Try and take care of sourcing an office cleaning service and you’ll realise it’s far more problematic than any routine service should be.

You don’t need a part-time cleaner only interested in the extra cash. You need a contractor who is reliable, professional, has the experience to control their own cleaning stock levels and be on time for every clean – daily, weekly, fortnightly and ad hoc.

That requires an experienced contractor and plenty of backups in place to cover for the off days when your regular cleaner can’t make it.

In other words, you need an established cleaning firm with a sound trading reputation behind them and that, well…

That’s where we come in.

Quality and Reliable Office Cleaning Services at the Best Prices

At The Procurement Group, we use our clients’ combined buying power to provide excellent prices from a range of national and regional office cleaning companies. We check every supplier for quality of service to ensure they meet our standards and will satisfy our clients’ expectations.

Clearly-Specified Cleaning Schedules

Every quote is based on your specifications and includes a bullet-point précis of the suggested contract.

We’ll agree a full office cleaning specification with you and the cleaning contractor, and ensure that the individual cleaners concerned work to a clear plan of what is to be done daily, weekly, and on demand. And if you have particular recycling needs, for example, we’ll make sure that’s taken into account.

Ongoing Service Monitoring

As your business grows, so too will your cleaning demands. We work with you to ensure that as your demands grow, your contractors’ demands don’t outgrow your business.

The specifications agreed at the beginning of your service contract can be applied for any duration of time you’re comfortable with. We’ll always ensure that throughout your contract, your needs are consistently being met and exceeded where possible.

Should things slacken or your requirements change to be more or less, we’ll work on your behalf to negotiate your office cleaning contract, always ensuring you’re on a best value plan.

How it works

In three simple steps:
  • You choose from our vetted office cleaning suppliers
  • We negotiate using our collective buying power to secure your business the best pricing possible
  • We then manage your service and your office cleaning contract for you

Our promise to you:

We will find and secure office cleaners who:
  • Arrive when they’re supposed to
  • Work around your requirements and not in your teams’ way
  • Work quickly, effectively and know the importance of confidentiality
  • Don’t charge you the earth for their services

All you have to do to get the ball rolling is…

Talk to us

That’s it. Pick up the phone and speak to one of our procurement specialists today by calling 0800 0193 244. Alternatively, send us a quick email to and one of our team will get back to you.

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