How to Save Money on Business Travel

Travelling is an intrinsic part of most businesses. Whether you run an online marketing firm or sell electronic goods, a major part of your business will involve meeting clients and travelling on several occasions. Although travelling cannot be avoided when you own a business, there are several simple ways in which costs can be controlled to a large extent.

In the current economic scenario, cost savings is a priority for every business. Entrepreneurs often complain about rising travel expenses that get out-of-control all the time. By properly planning a trip well in advance, it is easier to avoid last minute expenditures.

Here are some simple tips to save money during business trips.

Take the Train

Travelling by train was not a great idea for most business owners until recently. After the economic slowdown and severe credit crunch when companies started looking at low-cost travelling options, many realised how economic it is to take the train. To make business trips more comfortable, many operators provide facilities such as WiFi and power sockets. Booking tickets in advance is another great way to plan a hassle free business trip.

Spend Less on Food

After flight tickets, meals induce large spending for business travellers. A smart way to spend less on food is by staying at hotels that serve a large breakfast. A wholesome and filling breakfast is important to get going for the rest of the day. It is also a good idea to carry cereals and dry fruits that can be taken as night-time snacks. Many frequent travellers also stay at hotels where they can cook their own food. While the idea of cooking during a trip may not amuse many, it is a great way to save money and also beat stress.

Don’t choose luxury restaurants for business meetings and book lunch appointments rather than dinner.  The purpose of a business meeting is presumably to make a deal. You should be thinking not of the price of the meal but the value of the deal.

Find a Good Travel Agent

Travel agents might sound a bit old-fashioned, but they are still the best deal providers. They have contacts with hotels and train operators to provide good options for business travellers. Moreover, they can help plan a busy trip and save you last-minute confusions that often lead to unnecessary expenditures.

Get a Discount

It is a great idea to make the most of deals that are extended to frequent travellers by hotels, tour operators and restaurants. If you are travelling to the same city quite frequently, look for deals offered by local restaurants that can give you good discounts. These discounts will help you save money and enjoy your trip.

Select off-site parking and stay away from valet services. It’s better to hit the road a bit earlier to use an off-site facility than spend too much on valet services, especially if you don’t have much luggage.  If renting a car, don’t use add-on options such as GPS systems and don’t pay for petrol in advance. It’s cheaper to invest in corporate GPS systems if your travellers really need them.

With these simple tips, saving money while you are on your next business trip will be easy!



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