Why focus on low spend costs

Hey CFO/FD – how do you manage all that “little” spend on your P&L?

If you’re like the 84% of CFOs & FDs in our recent survey it’s NOTHING!! The individual cost headings are too small in £ terms to be interesting.

Add them all up and it’s an interesting number. Trouble is loads of different suppliers, different stakeholders and small spend with each.


If you could deliver for your business one single overhead management solution that dealt with all the stationery, telecoms, waste, credit card charges, printing, alarm maintenance, printers, utilities etc…and

**only charged you if they made a saving, and
**matched every product like for like, and
**improved your payment terms, and
**reduced the number of suppliers on your purchase ledger and
**reduced the number of transactions with each supplier….

would that be a result or what????

🪄 – that’s exactly what we do. And all in 6 weeks or less!!

Watch the 4 minute video below to find out more and drop us a message to chat

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