When was the last time you really attacked and looked at your goods not for resale?? Watch this 2 minute video for some fresh impetus – they’re the 80% of suppliers on your purchase ledger who you spend 20% of your spend with but that cost you a fortune to process. Before you look at labour to get control of your costs take a look at this stuff. Remember, people are your most valuable asset and you owe it to your team to do everything else possible before cutting headcount


Confused about the great analogue switch off, SoGEA and what it will mean for your broadband and telephone lines – watch this video and have it demystified for you

Managing Energy Consumption

If you’re thinking about how to monitor and manage your energy consumption then you’ll find this video interesting….it works in any business and is particularly relevant at multi site retailers and hospitality businesses


The invasion of Ukraine is terribly sad. It affects us all in different ways. Well done to Pavers Foundation for getting off their backsides and out there last week.

Closer to home in business the inflation fire was already burning bright but Ukraine has moved it to new levels. If – and it’s questionable – in reality it isn’t already here double digit inflation will be with us soon and stay at least 8 months.

If you’re worried about the effects that this will have on your business because of rising costs then we should chat. Share your concerns 1:1 and let’s see if we can help to allay any of them.

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